Who We Are

Nilka System is a construction company specializing in space frames, space trusses and steel structures.

Here at Nilka we have been developing and designing space frames exclusively since 1981. Over our course of 34 years, the effort we have put into delivering outstanding results for every project has driven us to understand space frames better than anyone.

What We Do

We design, analyse, manufacture and construct space frames worldwide for all types of clients and industries. We can operate as either a contractor or subcontractor on projects ranging from sports centers, and public buildings to commercial buildings and exhibitions.

We provide solutions for every sort of structure by taking advantage of inherent structural characteristics and space frame technology that we call Nilka System space frames. Our expertise is in long spanning structures, canopies and supporting roof structures where we can offer lightweight, economic and easy to assemble space frames.

Ethos & Mission

We remain a family run business with associates which have been a part of Nilka System for over 20 years and add immense value to our company. Our devotion to each project, meticulous work, and sense of responsibility have driven Nilka System successfully and contributed to space frame engineering.

We operate with family values and aim for a positive impact on the world through every one of our projects.

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Ilias Kalokairinos, Founder & Owner of Nilka System


Owner and Founder

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