All About Space Frames

Space frames are three dimensional, lightweight, rigid steel structures. We use hollow steel tubes to undertake tension and compression which we connect using our Nilka System nodes.

Space frame construction is a relatively complex process involving three fundamental stages: Design, Analysis and Construction. Precise planning during each stage and our experienced team can guarantee:

Reduced Cost

  • Lightweight means smaller foundations, cheaper substructures.
  • Very Compact in transportation.
  • Re-Usable, space frames can be non-permanent structures.
  • Durable, no maintenance required.

Up To 50% Lighter (spans > 25 meters)

  • Small individual member sizes.
  • No heavy beams.
  • Member size optimization (big members used in load bearing areas only).
  • Achieves maximum span.

Unparalleled Rigidity

  • 3-D load distribution.
  • No Bending.
  • No Torsion.
  • Individual member sizing ensures ideal weight/load bearing capacity.

Quick Assembly & Erection

  • Little or no site floor space is necessary.
  • No skilled labor required for assembly.
  • Simple bolt connection to node.
  • No welding.