Structural Analysis of a Space Frame

Space frame design is all about its functionality and the engineering behind it. Structural analysis of a space frame requires specialized software, experience, and skill. Yet the basic engineering principles are simple. Space frames have the ability due to their geometry to convert all forces into axial forces (tension or compression on tube members), this means that the steel tube members are playing to their strength.

Research and design require experience and creativity, we enjoy the challenge that every structure brings only because we can rely on our experience to actualize it.

Rules regarding design for safety and economy.

  1. The structural depth of a space frame depends οn the maximum span of the structure and should be between 1/15 and 1/12 of the total span.

  2. The cost of the space frame is reduced by increasing the size of the grid module (decreasing member density).

After finalization of the design and structural analysis, drawings are prepared to indicate the ground plan of the structure, as well as details for support, cladding and specific requirements.

" Thousands of people interact with our projects on a daily basis all around the world. We therefore engineer our space frames to surpass expectations and acceptable standards. "