Off-site and On-site Construction Management

Space frames offer a unique solution in the construction management process of projects. Easy assembly and a quick erection result in cost and time benefits and reduced on-site congestion. Aided by assembly specific drawings and details for connections, unskilled labor can assemble a Nilka System space frame faster than any conventional steel or concrete structure. 

If on site construction management or consultation is required we are more than happy to provide it wherever you are in the world, our staff speak English, Greek and Romanian fluently!

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Assembly and Erection Methods

Space frames are assembled by combining and repeating triangular pyramid modules. During assembly each tube is connected to a node according to the structural and engineering drawings. This process can be carried out on the ground in a predestined location next to the erection site or on scaffolding directly on to the points of support.

There are four basic methods for the installation of space frames.

1. Assembly during erection method

assem&erec_1The area of the structure is covered by scaffolding and assembly is carried out simultaneously with erection.

There are two types of scaffolding used for this process:

  1. Fixed Scaffolding covering the entire area
  2. Movable scaffolding in the form of a tower, changing positions according to the progress of the job


2. Assemble and slide method

slide_1Very large space frames, depending on geometrical parameters can be erect using the assemble and slide method. Scaffolding is installed on one part of the structure to support sections of the space frame which are then assembled on the scaffolding and slid into position. These sections are then connected to their adjacent parts with the use of a smaller scaffold or lift.


3. Assemble and lift-υρ method

lift-up_1Assembly of the space frame is carried out on the ground and the structure is then lifted into position with a crane. For large projects the frame can be assembled and in parts and then connected during erection.


4. Block method

block-methodSections of the space frame are assembled on the ground, then lifted up by a crane and installed in position. Adjacent blocks are attached by construction workers on suitable scaffolding. The process is carried on this way until the entire space frame is assembled and in position.